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"Green Chemistry, Healthy
Children in a Healthy World,
& an Herb to Treat Cancer

Dave Steinman talks to Laura
Wright Treadway, reporter for
the NRDC's On Earth magazine,
Rachel Sarnoff (pictured),
CEO of Healthy Child Healthy
; and Dr. Ajay Goel from
Baylor Research Institute
about the extraordinary
healing powers of boswelia

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Green Patriots!

David SteinmanCome on in and explore. You're with other Green Patriot Americans now, satisfying your inner environmentalist, helping to make this land we all love stonger and more secure. Green Patriotism brings together people of all beliefs and affiliations: liberals, conservatives, Independents, Republicans, and Democrats.  

I created this site to teach Americans how to practice sustainability, and that all of our pro-environmental efforts will directly or indirectly strengthen our economy and national security, and build a safer and more secure future for our children.

I also want to connect Green Patriot environmentalists and shoppers with green consumer product resources so they can use their purchasing power to support businesses with Green Patriot policies. Emphasizing the importance of our purchasing decisions is part of our mission—as is helping you to find great patriotic companies intent on being Green Patriot leaders themselves.


"...if we want to continue to be who we are, enjoy the benefits and be able to pass them on to our children, we do need to fuel our future in a cleaner, greener way.... The next president will have to rally us with a green patriotism. Hence my motto: 'Green is the new red, white and blue.'"

Thomas L. Friedman,
Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, The New York Times

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