Freedom Press has created the Green Patriot Awards to encourage and reward companies and organizations of all sizes who are embracing the call to be socially and environmentally responsible for the benefit of their customers, their employees, all mankind and all life on our planet. 

Green Patriot Company of the Month - October - Kettle Foods


Now here are some snack foods you can truly feel good about. Oregon-based Kettle Foods® produces all-natural snacks—including more than 20 flavors and 4 varieties of potato chips, five flavors of tortilla chips made with organic corn and a variety of nut butters and trail mixes.  And not only are they committed to natural, healthy ingredients; green building, renewable energy, habitat restoration, recycling and reuse make up the pillars of Kettle Foods’ environmental initiative.


The Power of Solar, Wind, and Vegetable Oil


In 2003, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, Kettle Foods partnered with the Energy Trust of Oregon to install one of the largest solar energy arrays in the Pacific Northwest. Using more than 600 solar panels set on roof-mounted racks, our plant now generates 120,000 kWh of electricity per year. That’s enough power to make 250,000 bags of chips and reduce annual CO2 emissions by 65 tons.


Kettle Foods is now purchasing wind energy credits to offset 100 percent of our electricity use in the U.S. By purchasing 12,329,472 kilowatt hours of renewable energy credits (REC) annually, Kettle Foods will prevent more than 16 million pounds of carbon dioxide pollution (CO2), the major Biodiesel fueled biobettlecontributing cause of global warming. That’s equivalent to taking 1,300 cars off the road or planting 67,000 fully mature trees. Atop the new Kettle Foods factory in Beloit, Wisconsin, 18 wind turbines generate enough energy to produce 56,000 bags of Kettle Brand® Potato Chips every year!


Kettle Foods run a growing fleet of their company vehicles on distilled sunflower and safflower oils, better known as biodiesel.  One hundred percent of the waste vegetable oil from their production process is converted into biodiesel, resulting in savings of as much as eight tons in CO2 emissions every year. 


Green Building


Beloit FacilityKettle Foods earned recognition from the U.S. Green Building Council for building the greenest food manufacturing plant in the United States. The company received Gold level certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®), recognizing its efforts to minimize the environmental footprint of its new potato chip factory in Beloit, Wisconsin.

he new 73,000 sq. ft. plant meets ambitious green building standards including sourcing over 35 percent of building materials from within 500 miles of the project site, showing that business and the environment can coexist harmoniously.

Habitat Restoration

Their headquarters in Salem, Oregon, is built along Salem’s marshy Mill Creek.  To lessen their impact on the ecosystem, they introduced native plants such as Aster, Camas, Red Alder, Lupine, and Sword Fern. They also introduced aquatic plant species such as Wapato and Marsh Pennywort to enhance biological diversity in the wetland pond. A trail system was created for people to enjoy the nearly 2-acre system, complete with interpretive signs and goslings.  With the restoration of their wetlands, herons have returned every year.    

They ‘Chip’ in to the Community

Kettle Foods donates money, product and time to organizations around the country—from donating chips for fundraising events at local schools to volunteering our time at area non-profits. Every year they give more than 175,000 pounds of potatoes to local hunger relief agencies and more than 1,700 cases of Kettle Brand® products to Kettle Brand Potato Chipsorganizations such as The Wetlands Conservancy and the National Wildlife Federation.


At Green Patriot, we encourage you to support green companies and to make smart shopping choices that benefit the environment.  So, the next time you need to get your snack fix pick up a bag of kettle chips, it’s a rewarding way to be a bit greener.  And once you devour the chips, you don’t have to feel so bad about throwing away the empty bag. Kettle Foods replaced the paper layer of their chip bags with an all-poly material, a change that is saving over 22,000 trees annually and preventing over 450,000 pounds of packaging from going into landfills each year.



Visit for more information.

Green Patriot Company of the Month - August - Lotus Brands

Lotus Brands, Inc. is a majority woman-owned company started for the purpose of providing safe, effective and natural alternatives to people for maintaining their well-being in harmony with the planet.  Product brands sold by Lotus Brands try to address real concerns with solutions inspired by Nature.


Some of the primary brands supplied by Lotus Brands include:


Ancient Secrets Nasal Cleansing Products:  The #1 selling net pots in the health food industry provides an effective way to reduce the impact of dust, pollution, pollen and dry air on the nasal and sinus passages, thereby providing drug-free relief year round with a simple, effective patented nasal cleansing device.


EcoDent DailyCare ToothpowderEco-Dent Premium Oral Care Products:  Eco-Dent is the leading premium supplier of the renowned baking soda and sea salt based toothpowder line that provides real benefits to oral hygiene with less abrasivity, remineralizing teeth without the use of fluoride and providing premium products that are both economical and environmentally sound.  The line also features the TerraDent replaceable head toothbrush brand which has the lowest bacterial load of any major brand of toothbrush tested by Oeko-Test in Europe, due to the thermo-welded head and the replaceable head system.  The savings in production energy, raw materials, pollution and landfill impacts by using these replaceable head toothbrushes are also enormous. 


LifeTree Dish SoapLifeTree Household Cleaning Products:  Life Tree products have been one of the leaders in clean, green household cleaning for several decades.  Adhering to the highest standards for ingredients, Life Tree tested best in class for lack of 1,4 dioxane contamination among natural dishwashing liquids in 2008, and tested clean, along with several other brands, in 2009; thereby maintaining its leadership position in providing safe, natural and effective household cleaning products.  Life Tree provides a complete range of products for general household use, bathroom cleaner, laundry liquid and dishwashing. 


Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Color The Gray:   This brand was launched under the name Helix Henna in the 1970’s but has undergone continuous upgrade and product development since being taken over by Lotus Brands and changing its name to Light Mountain in the 1980’s.  This was the first (and only) brand of 100% botanical hair colors that developed a non-chemical 2 step program to color gray hair called (appropriately) Color the Gray!    During 2007 and 2008 Light Mountain worked with growers to provide NOP/USDA certified organic botanicals for the brand and now virtually all of the hair colors in this brand utilize almost entirely “certified organic” ingredients; with any that are not possible using tested “pesticide free” components.  And the brand does not rely on the use of any chemicals whatsoever to provide a safe, natural hair coloring alternative to the chemical based hair coloring systems that are suspected to have links to a number of disease conditions including cancer. 


Lotus Press:  The Lotus Press division of the company focuses on providing books on leading alternative health modalities such as Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Herbalism, and Reiki.  Lotus Press is one of the leaders in the field of publishing books on these modalities world-wide.


Other Products:  Lotus Brands has a number of other brands that promote natural health and wellness alternatives that provide safe, effective alternatives to the chemical and pollution-dependent solutions that dominate the market.  Lotus Brands believes that offering these choices not only helps people live healthier lives, but also helps address the imbalances we face in terms of resource and energy use, and the polluting of the planet which has survival implications for all living beings.  In addition, Lotus Brands believes that providing these alternatives helps to address the underlying change in consciousness that is required for humanity to survive the current crisis.


For More Information:  Lotus Brands, Inc., P O Box 325, Twin Lakes, WI 53181 USA

262-889-8561 office phone.  262-889-2461 office fax.  Lotus Brands products are available at most major health food stores nationally.


Green Patriot Company of the Month - June - Wakunaga

Garlic may be one of your absolute favorite ingredients to cook with, but did you know that when it comes to maintaining optimal health, garlic is a nutritional powerhouse?
Garlic provides support for a healthy heart, its salutary effects on immunity are well-known, and it has high promise as a cancer preventive.  To make sure that you get the best of what garlic has to offer we want to introduce you to our green patriot company of the month for June, Wakunaga and their Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (AGE). And not only did the amazing health benefits of their garlic products grab our attention, Wakunaga’s organic cultivation, quality control, and environmental protection all contribute to sustainable business practices. 

Kyolic Aged Garlic ExtractKyolic’s earliest historical roots extend back to post–World War II Japan, where professor Dr. Eugene Schnell served under General MacArthur in the Drug Administration of Japan. The devastated Japanese people, he reasoned, needed help from the pharmaceutical industry to regain their strength in the post-war period. He teamed up with banker Manji Wakunaga in 1955 to create Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Company, which dedicated itself to researching and developing helpful products and avoiding marketing hype in favor of quality and scientific validity. This is where the Kyolic aged garlic formula was developed.    


Kyolic has undergone stringent examination in renowned research institutions and has been utilized in studies on cholesterol lowering, lowering of homocysteine (an amino acid linked to increased risk of heart disease), and lowering of blood pressure. Studies on garlic’s cognitive benefits and its benefit to liver function have also featured Kyolic AGE.

The unique aging process applied in manufacturing AGE distinguishes Kyolic from other garlic products.  Instead of using heat, AGE is aged naturally for 20 months.   Through this unique process, the harsh organosulfur compounds are converted into mild and effective compounds, including the sulfur-containing amino acids that are responsible for Kyolic’s health benefits. This conversion eliminates odor-causing components, resulting in the truly odorless Kyolic AGE that contains safe, stable, bioavailable and beneficial compounds.

Before the aging process is set in motion, AGE begins its journey on Wakunaga farms under strictly controlled organic conditions without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Wakunaga’s garlic crop is cultivated with time-tested procedures to enhance its beneficial constituents. Quality control begins when the harvested raw garlic is tested for conformity to specified quality standards.

Quality checks cover every aspect of the manufacturing process—from the organic cultivation of garlic through production, packaging and distribution. Wakunaga products conform to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices established by the World Health Organization. In addition, Wakunaga has earned the distinctive ISO 9002 certification, recognizing compliance to the international quality standard and demonstrating the company’s commitment to total quality assurance.

The quality assurance system Wakunaga has in place also applies to environmental protection, as it is one of the company’s primary responsibilities to protect the natural environment of the local community. Thus, Wakunaga is always striving for the ultimate target of providing the finest product available on the market to its customers, a product that ensures safety, quality and efficacy.

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract


Kyolic products are available at fine health food stores and natural product retailers. For more information visit

Green Patriot Company of the Month - May - Earth Friendly

Corn, coconut, citrus, and herbs.  No, it’s not a grocery list for a creative new recipe.  These are some of the pure and simple plant-based ingredients you’ll find on the label of an Earth Friendly cleaning product. 

Earth Friendly provides consumers with effective cleaning products without the use of toxins, petrochemicals, bleach, ammonia, phosphates and other harmful ingredients. They adhere to what they call their “Freedom Code,” a list of chemicals and ingredients from which their products are free.  And we know firsthand that they stick to their code! 


Earth Friendly Natural Dishmate - AlmondThis year, the Green Patriot Working Group and the Organic Consumers Association tested more than 150 products, including Earth Friendly, for the presence of an undisclosed carcinogen known as 1,4-dioxane in both mainstream and natural products, such as bubble baths, shampoos, and dishwashing soap.  Detectable amounts of 1,4-dioxane at any level puts children and adults at a higher than acceptable risk for cancer.  Results were announced at the 2009 Natural Products Expo this past March.  Earth Friendly tested totally pure. 

Their products also biodegrade quickly and completely, so there is less environmental impact or need for toxic cleanup, unlike with petroleum-based products.

Earth Friendly Products adhere to the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative, or SDSI. They are committed to the use of safe surfactants (wetting agents in detergent) “that break down quickly to non-polluting compounds and help protect aquatic life in both fresh and salt water,” as the EPA requires. Because they are plant-based and petroleum-free, their surfactants do not bioaccumulate or mimic human hormones.

Based just north of Chicago and with four manufacturing plants in the United States, Earth Friendly acquires their ingredients locally, has better control over product quality, can better contain product costs, and provides local jobs.  Their commitment to social responsibility includes annual monetary and in-kind donations to a variety of animal rights, environmental, educational and social causes, including homeless shelters and preschools.

In addition to being awarded Green Patriot Company of the Month, Earth Friendly Products has received many other recognitions including:

·          “Best in the Green” products by Avalon Communications (2007).

·          Best line of cruelty-free household products from PETA (2007).

·          Readers’ Choice Award from Natural Home Magazine for best cleaning products (2002).

·          Quality Institute International (American Culinary Institute) 2002/2003 Gold Performance Award for best citrus-based cleaners.

·          Socially Responsible Business Award (2003). 


With green credentials like these, we proudly and publicly endorse Earth Friendly as the best of the best!  They make it easy to go green right from your home by providing safe products on store shelves and they set an example for all companies to clean up their environmental practices.

Green Patriot Company of the Month - April 2009 - derma e

For nearly 25 years, derma e® Natural Bodycare has pioneered the development of high-performance antioxidant skincare solutions. Their comprehensive line of natural products is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and 100 percent vegetarian.
As we are always highly impressed with the commitment of companies in the natural products industry who work to create quality products that are safe, we are left inspired by those who have a deep-seated commitment to the environment. derma e is constantly striving to lessen their impact on the environment and improve their conservation efforts. 
They recently made the move to 100 percent wind energy, significantly reducing the company’s environmental footprint by matching 100 percent of conventional electricity use with clean, renewable energy. They also have an in-office conservation program, recycling program and support ‘green’ business practices as a member of the Co-op America Business Network. They are also an active supporter of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and are a member of the Natural Products Association and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.
Additionally, derma e products contain:

•  Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients.
•  Ingredients sourced from environmentally friendly farms that practice sustainable   agriculture.
•  Organic ingredients whenever possible.
•  100% recyclable packaging.
Paraguay Project–Weaving Together a Web of Support
Not only is derma e making a difference in their neighborhood, “We at derma e also believe that we have the social responsibility to try and help those in need both locally and globally,” says derma e’s vice president, Linda Miles. Sondra Miles, the daughter of Linda Miles and herself a member of the derma e family, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in a rural community in Paraguay teaching environmental and health education. While living in Paraguay, Sondra saw and felt the needs of the Paraguayan people for educational opportunities, sustainable incomes, and empowerment, especially empowerment of women and youth. Additionally, Sondra observed the rapid destruction of the forest and other natural resources upon which much of the country is dependent, and she naturally felt the need for these resources to be protected for future generations. In creating Project Paraguay, derma e is trying to respond to those needs and create awareness about the struggles of the Paraguayan people. “Our wish,” says Linda Miles, “is to provide families with a sustainable income, allowing them to better care for themselves and their children, and to also support organizations that work to develop Paraguay.”
Spiderweb lacederma e purchases the Spiderweb Lace at a fair price from women’s groups who regularly sell their crafts in the markets in Asunción (the capital of Paraguay). All of the proceeds from selling the Spiderweb Lace will be donated back to two Paraguayan non-profit organizations. “We have chosen one organization that works to protect the rights of children, plus an organization dedicated to preserving the environment. Global Infancia works to protect the rights of children in Paraguay. Guyra Paraguay fights to protect birds and their habitats, including the beautiful, bio-diverse Paraguayan rainforest and the Pantanal (the wetlands). Our goal is to do our part to help the future of Paraguay,” says Miles.
Now you can do your share too with these beautiful Paraguayan art pieces. Your entire purchase price (for as little as four dollars) supports the Paraguayan people. Saving the world begins with low prices these days. Your purchase of authentic handcrafted Paraguayan Spiderweb Lace will provide income directly to the hardworking Paraguayan women and their families. (Click here to purchase Spiderweb Lace.)  You can also help when you purchase any of derma e's more than 90 products, as they donate a percentage of all sales back to the Paraguay Project.

Family owned and operated and dedicated to natural products retailers, all derma e natural bodycare solutions are formulated to produce dramatic results, founded on derma e’s passion for the pure power of nature. Not only do they believe in healthy skin, but a healthy world, and a healthier environment, too.
Derma e products are available at fine health food stores and natural product retailers. Use the store locator at to find derma e near you.

Green Patriot Company of the Month - August 2008 - Barlean's
In Ferndale, Washington a family-owned, twelve-acre farm turns out fresh-pressed-on-demand organic oils with one main focus: to bring the maximum health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids to consumers. 
The Barlean’s family business started off as a fishing enterprise, providing fresh fish to local communities while fostering marine preservation by using innovative fishing methods created by Dave Barlean to help protect endangered species.
Dave’s son, Bruce, later introduced him to flax seed oil and the many benefits of omega-3 oils.  They adopted a special process of pressing flax that creates a fresher taste and yields a higher nutritional value than does over-pressing flaxseed, a common process which damages the seeds, creates a rancid taste, and reduces the nutritional value.
Barlean’s focus on quality, truly healthful organic products and sustainable practices makes them an easy choice for Green Patriot Company of the Month.
Visit to find out more about the company’s practices and products.

Green Patriot Company of the Month - June 2008 - Lifekind

Lifekind is devoted to improving one’s health by creating a cleaner environment. As the #1-selling organic mattress company in America, Lifekind makes it easy for consumers to make smart choices when shopping for healthy products.
A typical chemical mattress is made primarily from crude oil and natural-gas derivatives like polyurethane, Styrofoam, polyester, dyes, fire retardants, and many other chemicals that outgas and are recognized as carcinogens.  Lifekind’s mattresses are handmade with 100% natural rubber or steel-spring cores and padded with certified organic cotton and Naturally Safer wool and pure enough to be certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute for low Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) emissions.
For more information on Lifekind visit their site at and be sure to check out Toxic Bedrooms, written by Walt Bader, President of Lifekind Products.


Green Patriot Company of the Month - May 2008 - New Chapter
New Chapter has worked to incorporate eco measures into every aspect of operations and product development and they are constantly uncovering new opportunities for greening. It is not hard to understand why we chose New Chapter as the Green Patriot Company of the month for May, just take a look at their list of accomplishments, which they have provided for us below.
Facilities Department
  • All lighting utilizes the highest level of efficiency bulbs available  
  • Motion sensor lighting fixtures have been installed in restrooms, break rooms and the mail room.
  • Thermostats have set temperatures assigned
  • Air compressors are scheduled to run only during business hours
  • Parking lot lighting is on a set timer
  • They use organic and local food whenever possible for company luncheons and events.
  • A local organic produce vendor visits weekly in the summer
  • All food waste is composted
  • All cleaning products are environmentally friendly
  • All paper, glass and acceptable plastic are recycled.   
  • They buy only used furniture for offices.
  • All paper and tableware are made from recyclable and/or compostable materials and reusable water bottles are given to employees.
  • Vending machines consist of healthy snacks and beverages.
  • They have installed VendingMiser to help control energy costs.
  • Picnic tables and benches are made from recycled milk jugs.
  • A recent new wing to their facility was built with green materials.
IT Department
  • Their new website runs entirely off of solar power.
  • They currently buy only energy saving monitors.
  • They donate old monitors and cell phones to local schools, shelters and non-profits.  
  • During the work day, when a computer is not in use for more than 5 minutes it goes into sleep mode, saving between 20% - 30% of the energy use.
  • A double sided copy and printing policy is in place.
  • All computers and monitors that can be are shut down every night.
Operations Department
  • They have shortened shipping distances by opening a West Coast Distribution center
  • All West Coast corrugated cardboard is shipped by rail
  • They compost all our returned/discarded vitamins
  • They donate expiring or surplus product to non-profits
  • They conduct an audit of all raw materials to determine environmental and socially responsible impacts
  • They have switched to 100% PCR content corrugated shipping boxes within a closed loop system
Sales Department
  • They use an FTP site to house all materials instead of sending monthly mailings
  • They use handhelds in the field, eliminating 75% of order entry paperwork
  • They use Map Point to map the most efficient routes for employees in the field
Events Department
Trainings and Travel
  • They cater with organic food when available.
  • Giveaways are from green/sustainable sources
  • They use green hotels whenever possible
  • They’ve eliminated the use of water bottles at meetings   
  • All flights are made to allow everyone to take one shuttle together

Shipments and Storage

  • All product is shipped to the advanced warehouse
  • They carefully calculate amounts of product and literature
  • All leftover materials are given to local reps
  • They input orders on laptops, eliminating paper orders
Accounting Department
  • They conducted a company-wide office supply procurement audit and switched to environmentally friendly office supplies when available
Marketing Department
  • They environmentally friendly stocks for our brochures, shelf talkers, catalogs, header cards, business cards and display units.
  • Labels are printed using water based inks. 
  • ELAP DVDs are printed with "Please recycle this disk after use:
  • They recycle CDs, DVDs and printer toner cartridges
Human Resources
  • Yoga and Tai Chi classes are offered to employees
  • After two years of employment, employees are given a free trip to our Costa Rican farm
  • All employees receive a free monthly supplement program
  • We aim towards becoming a model in corporate wellness
Also be sure to check out the April cover story in Healthy Living to learn about New Chapter's organic farm in Costa Rica and how they're helping to restore and preserve the tropical ecosystem.

First Green Patriot
Company of the Month
We are pleased to announce that our first award goes to Hawaiian Health Ohana of Anahola, Hawaii for their excellence in:

•    Organic Leadership
•    Green Entrepreneurial Innovation
•    Commitment to Sustainability

Hawaiian Health Ohana is a family-owned business that sells Hawaiian noni fruit products. They run a beautiful 20 acre noni farm in Hawaii, and have an FDA approved processing facility.

Hawaiian Health Ohana produces noni fruit leather, a top-grade natural health product which has been helpful to people with a variety of ailments.  Their noni products have also been helpful to horses, dogs and cats.  (For more details on the specific healing properties attributed to noni fruit, please visit their website.)


Hawaiian Health Ohana’s products are all certified organic.  Hawaiian Health Ohana grows, picks, packages, and distributes their own products.  (The only exception is the organic lavender which they source from France for use in their lavender noni lotion.)
We were impressed with Hawaiian Health Ohana’s efforts to encourage other local companies to go organic, and their active leadership in the Hawaiian Organic Farmers Association. 

We’re also honoring Hawaiian Health Ohana for their invention of a special drying process for their noni fruit leather that precludes the need for preservatives or chemicals, yet provides a 2-year shelf life.  By avoiding standard commercial dryers that use high heat, low humidity, and high velocity air, and by creating a dryer that uses low velocity and high moisture at slow speeds, they are able to preserve the integrity of the healing enzymes in the fruit. 

In addition, Hawaiian Health Ohana’s packaging is made from cellophane (a natural, biodegradable wood-derived product), a great alternative to traditional plastic packaging made from petrochemicals.

Congratulations to Hawaiian Health Ohana for being a great American company that is doing what is right for America and helping to lead the way to a safe and secure future!